Government of New Brunswick

Robert Murray


Commodity: Gold

Claim block number (units): 9095 (21)

NTS Location: 21 H/13

Contact Information: 506-566-1962
[email protected]




The Annidale Belt in south-central New Brunswick is located near the Gander-Avalon collisional boundary and is host to several occurrences that exhibit features typical of orogenic lode gold deposits. Of these occurrences, the Devil Pike Brook gold deposit contains the highest grades in a set of north-trending en echelon quartz veins hosted by mafic volcanic rocks. The gold is associated with pyrite and chalcopyrite within quartz that exhibits a brecciated texture. These en echelon veins contain visible gold, chalcopyrite, and tetrahedrite in brecciated quartz. Native gold is associated with pyrite, chalcopyrite, and, tetrahedrite within altered mineralized quartz-carbonate veins. Halos are characterized by carbonatization, silicification, chloritization, and hematitization (Lafontaine 2007).