Government of New Brunswick

Robert Murray

Shadow Lake

Commodity: Base Metals, Gold

Claim block number (units): 10655 (55)

NTS Location: 21 G/01

Contact Information: 506-566-1962
[email protected]



Includes Mineral Occurrence 548

Au, Ag, Cu, and Pb Mineralized Zone:

  • A highly prospective 3.5 km strike length of anomalous Au, Ag, and Cu within a mineralized faulted/sheared contact
  • Multiple anomalous outcrops sampled (only three highest values listed):
    Au – 70.4 g/t; 3.03 g/t; 2.02 g/t
    Ag – 939 g/t; 819 g/t; 760 g/t
    Cu – 12.1%; 5.1%; 4.4%
    Pb – 27.2%; 24.6%; 22.1%

2019-22 Exploration Seasons
Recent prospecting identified what appears to be a large stockwork “IOCG-style” mineralized system. Multiple iron carbonate veins cut a Cambrian granodiorite (similar to the Little Lepreau project). Initial assays returned 413 ppm Ag, 190 ppb Au, 2.27% Cu, 0.1% Sb, and 24.6% Pb (Table 1, Fig. 2). These encouraging results were confirmed with sample 20RM143: 2 g/t Au, 309 ppm Ag, 1.2 % Cu, and over 3% Pb. The silver appears to be both native and within argentiferous galena. Most sampled veins contained high-grade copper, significant silver (up to 969 g/t Ag), as well as gold mineralization. Exploration on the Shadow Lake Project has identified more than 13 ore-grade mineralized quartz-iron carbonate veins exposed at surface, along highway cuts and within three nearby gravel pits (Fig. 1).

In August of 2022, additional mineralized veins were discovered. These high-grade mineralized quartz-iron carbonate veins in outcrop/subcrop have confirmed that this zone is continuous along strike of the initial discoveries for an additional 3.5 km (Fig. 1). Numerous copper outcrops ranging from 1% to 12% Cu, highlight the presence of an immense copper, silver, and gold mineralizing system with significant deposit potential.