Government of New Brunswick

Robert Murray

Little Lepreau

Commodity: Base Metals, Gold

Claim block number (units): 10657 (125)

NTS Location: 21 G/01, 21G/02

Contact Information: 506-566-1962
[email protected]



Gold, silver, copper and antimony mineralized zone:

  • Highly prospective 4.5 km strike length of Au, Ag, Cu, and Sb lying within a mineralized faulted/sheared contact
  • Multiple anomalous trench and grab samples (only three highest values listed):
    Au – 67.2 g/t; 54.9 g/t; 26.2 g/t
    Ag – 2,040 g/t; 1,500 g/t; 1,095 g/t
    Cu – 17.6%; 6.8%; 3.8%
    Sb – 10.8%; >10%; >10%

2019-22 Exploration Seasons
During the 2019-2022 prospecting seasons, significant new discoveries were made and multiple mineralized outcrops were identified. The highest assays to date include 67.2 g/t Au, 2,040 g/t Ag, 17.6% Cu, and multiple >10% Sb. Mineralization consists of sulphides that appear as disseminations, patches, and massive bands within quartz-carbonate veins that cross-cut Cambrian, iron oxide altered, medium-grained Talbot Road Granodiorite (Figs. 2, 3 & 4). The host rock exhibits sericite alteration and carbonate replaces fragments of host rock in the quartz-carbonate veins. Sample 19RM02/03 assayed 11.6% Cu, 6.8% Sb, 1.9% Zn, 43 ppm Ag, and 557 ppb Au. The massive band of high-grade vein material that contains tetrahedrite from sample 19RM02-V assayed 17.6% Cu, 10.8% Sb, 3% Zn, 42 ppm Ag and 778 ppb Au (Fig. 2). Sample 19RM11 assayed 1,500 ppm Ag with 7.6% Cu, 5.2% Sb, 1.2% Zn, and 350 ppb Au. Sample 20RM51 was taken from a newly discovered sulphide-rich vein (Fig. 3).

A fire assay (ore grade with gravimetric finish) was performed and yielded 67.2 ppm Au. Additional samples taken along this vein (over 5 m) returned 54.9 g/t Au and 26.2 g/t Au. Seven additional outcrops within the pit have returned gold values greater than 1 g/t (Fig. 1 yellow location points). A large, mineralized vein in the floor of the gravel pit was discovered and trenched to expose a 100 m length. Samples collected from the trench (Fig. 4) confirmed the high-grade Ag, Cu, and Sb mineralizing system. The assay results are listed in Table 1.