Government of New Brunswick

Robert Murray

Frenchmans Creek

Commodity: Base Metals, Gold

Claim block number (units): 10391 (46)

NTS Location: 21 G/01

Contact Information: 506-566-1962
[email protected]



Gold, silver, copper and zinc mineralized zones:

  • A highly prospective 2 km2 area of anomalous Au, Ag, Cu, Zn, and Pb within mineralized/sheared contacts
  • Multiple anomalous outcrop sampled (only highest values listed):
    Au – 7.5 g/t
    Ag – 2,230 g/t
    Cu – 6.4%
    Zn – 19%
    Pb – 14%

2022 Exploration Season
In the spring of 2022, veins, breccias, and mineralized host rocks carrying significant amounts of gold, silver, copper, and zinc mineralization were discovered. Three zones have been identified: the North Zone, Middle Zone, and South Zone (Fig. 1). The North Zone contains the original Frenchmans Creek discovery within the limestone that contains significant argentiferous galena, tetrahedrite, and freibergite minerals with honeycomb sphalerite. The northern contact along this limestone contains both rhyolites and granodiorites that have also been faulted and mineralized. Of particular interest are the rhyolite breccias discovered in all three zones. They are mineralized with specularite hematite, chalcopyrite, and bornite (Figs. 3, 4 & 5). Assays are still pending at the time of this report; however, an initial batch of samples returned impressive results: 22FC54 - 243 g/t Ag, 2,990 ppm Cu, 1,760 ppm Sb, 2.48% Zn, and 14.2% Pb; 22FC114 - 7.5 g/t Au, 2,230 g/t Ag, 6.4% Cu, 4.5% Sb, and 19.0% Zn (see Fig. 2 and 6 for vein where samples were taken). These brecciated rhyolite zones are primarily infilled with iron carbonate, hematite, and chalcopyrite along with significant ore-grade gold, silver, antimony, zinc, and lead.