Government of New Brunswick

Norm Pitre

South Middle River

Commodity: Base metals

Claim block number (units): 7386 (2)

NTS Location: 21 O/09

Contact Information: 506-543-3000
[email protected]




Exploration 2018:
Three lines of soil samples centred on Line 4800 South were collected in 2015 to test an area with coincident, gravity, TAU, and discrete magnetic anomalies. The area is mapped as being underlain by Nepisiguit Falls and Flat Landing Brook felsic volcanics. The soil sampling results showed anomalous Zn, Cu and Ag values located toward the west end of all three lines. Since these anomalies are situated immediately down ice from the north-northeast trend of MEGATEM picks, they are worth further field investigation. However, the area is swampy, and the soils have high organic content which might explain the metal enrichment. Further investigation is warranted because of the location of the geochemical highs with respect to the geophysical anomalies, favourable stratigraphy, and mineralization farther north on the property. There are sporadic Pb, Zn and Mn anomalies in the easternmost third of these three lines. Mn soil values are very high near the brook, so Mn scavenging appears to be a factor here. The gravity anomaly referenced on the Figures as the “G1-G2 trend” is located on the western part of line 4800S. It should be drill tested because of its coincidence with favourable geology and the conductive and magnetic trend (which is mineralized farther north in drill hole 97-4). Drill testing this target would likely have to be done in frozen winter conditions due to the swampy location of the target area (not completed in 2018). The property was returned to the current owner.