Government of New Brunswick

Roland Lovesey

Ramsey Brook

Commodity: Base metals

Claim block number (units): 8099 (6)

NTS Location: 21 O/10

Contact Information: 506-252-9244
[email protected]




Location and access
The Ramsay Brook Claim Block is located approximately 60 km west of Bathurst, NB, in Restigouche County, along paved Highway 180. Good regular vehicle or half ton truck access from Bathurst is via Road to Resources Route 180. The UTM coordinates for the centre of the contiguous claim blocks is 678480E and 5264190N.

Property geology
The Ramsay Brook Claim Blocks are underlain predominantly by Silurian sedimentary and volcanic rocks referred to as the Greys Gulch Formation. The concordant sediments and rhyolites on the property trend between 60 and 70 degrees azimuth. Minor Devonian mafic intrusions were mapped in the southern end of Claim Block 8099. The Co-Au-Cu mineralization occurs within interspersed altered "rhyolite" (possibly a fine siliceous sediment).

Previous work
An assessment report #475768 was filed for Montoro Resources Inc. in 2004. The property was then known as the "Malachite Property". That report describes identification of a "cobalt bloom" in the summer of 2001 in large angular boulders of altered "rhyolite" and gabbro in some open trenches. Assay results of the predominantly fine-grained equigranular quartz & feldspar + minor carbonate rock with disseminated chalcopyrite and cobaltite returned values of 2,496 ppm Co and 5,386 ppm Cu. In 2004 , Montoro Resources reported several drillholes containing significant grades and widths of cobalt mineralization (assessment files 475768 & 476113).