Government of New Brunswick

Roland Lovesey

Middle River South

Commodity: Base metals

Claim block number (units): 8386 (10)

NTS Location: 21 O/09

Contact Information: 506-252-9244
[email protected]




Property is underlain by a steeply east-dipping sequence of weakly mineralized Tetagouche Group rocks; Flat Landing Brook Formation (rhyolite) and Nepisiguit Falls Formation (QFP rocks). The contact between the two is the Brunswick Horizon.

MegaTEM conductor (interpreted to be caused by a deep source) is located along strike of favourable stratigraphy. On Claim #7386 (north of Claim #8386) 4 lines of ground gravity identified a 0.40 mGal anomaly centred on line 4025 South, about 225 m south of drillhole 97-4 which intersected 0.22 m of 4.4% Zn + Pb in a shallow hole.

Previous Drilling:
Claim Block #7386 (north of Claim #8386) reported earlier drillholes 97-3 and 97-4 (Breakwater Resources 1997) that intersected narrow sections of Zn-Pb massive sulphide along the favourable stratigraphy extending north of the recent (2015) grid work on Block #7386.

Five drillholes on Claim #8386 from the 1990s were shallow and intersected minor mineralization.

Exploration 2018:
Eight soil lines (280 soil samples) were collected and analyzed to test coincident, gravity, TAU and discrete magnetic anomalies. Anomalous Zn, Pb and Cu values were observed (Zn 653ppm Pb 91ppm Cu 97ppm). The anomalies correlate with the geophysical and geological highlights.