Government of New Brunswick

Roland Lovesey

Rocky Gulch

Commodity: Gold and base metals

Claim block number (units): 10523 (26)

NTS Location: 21 O/09

Contact Information: 506-252-9244
[email protected]




Lower Devonian and Upper Silurian micaceous grey and green sandstone and siltstone intruded by gabbro and basalt. The geology has a general north-easterly to south-westerly trend with a general north-easterly dip.

Previous Work
Brunswick Mining and Smelting Corp. Ltd. Report #473319 (December 1986) completed geological mapping, prospecting, and a wetland geochemical survey. A significant zone of pyrite mineralization (Mineral Occurrence #1123) is located in the west of the claim block. Weak Anomalies of Cu, Zn, Pb and As were also reported. Recommendations were made to follow up the anomalies along Rocky Gulch Brook and the several mafic flows present in which extensive pyrite was reported.

Novagold Resources Inc. Report #473679 (March 1989) completed sampling along Rocky Gulch but did not look at the pyrite mineralization.

Current Program
A soil sampling program was completed centered on the identified pyrite mineralization at mineral occurrence #1123. Seven lines at 10m intervals, and with a 50m line spacing, were completed collecting 201 “B” horizon soil samples.

Two anomalous gold samples showed results as follows:

L200N at 250E reported 229 ppb and L200N at 170E reported 27.3 ppb.

In the general location of these anomalies, elevated results were indicated for Se, Te, Hg, Cu, and Pb.

Two field trips were unsuccessful in locating mineralized outcrop.

Two follow up soil lines were completed to sample between lines L150N and L200N and between L200N and L250N for a total of 38 samples. The samples returned nominal Au results.