Government of New Brunswick

Gerry Roy

Lugar Project

Commodity: Copper, Gold, Molybdenum

Claim block number (units): 7161, 7274, 7277, 8327, 8657 (112)

NTS Location: 21 P/12

Contact Information: 506-543-5518
[email protected]




Three new exhalative disseminated to semi-massive pyrite zones (V1, V2, V3) have been discovered in outcrop on the Lugar Project along Grants Brook in the northern part of the Bathurst Mining Camp (BMC). The exhalite was located on August 5 and 8, 2017 by prospector Gerry Roy.  V1/ V2 and V3 occur on claim block 7277.  

The Lugar property lies in the eastern part of an east-west-trending 20 km long belt dominated by Ordovician mafic volcanic rocks, small mafic intrusions, fine- to medium-grained siliciclastic rocks, laterally continuous limestone (dolomite), minor felsic, tuffaceous volcanic rocks, and well developed sulfide-chert-calcsilicate-chlorite-iron formation exhalite, intruded by high level granitic to intermediate dyke and cupola complexes. The granitic activity is interpreted to have led to the development of several strong thermal cells and mineralized centers of base-precious-metal and tin exhalite mineralization within the belt. The granitic component is particularly evident by the anomalous Sn associated with the base-precious metal exhalite sulfides, suggesting that the tin is also exhalative.  Silurian-Devonian mafic to felsic igneous rocks intrude the eastern end of the belt.

The Lugar V1, V2, and V3 sulfide outcrops are up to several meters wide of bedded massive pyrite with cherty exhalite, argillite, and possible pyroclastic rocks, proximal to mafic volcanic rocks. Assays returned low base metal values. A large massive sulfide boulder (375 lbs) and several smaller boulders have been found in the area of V1 with grab samples assaying up to 17.8% Zn, 6.01% Pb, 0.16% Cu, 155 g/t Ag, 428 ppb Au, 1790 ppm Sn. Base-and precious-metal mineralized boulders and the occasional outcrop occur over an area of >7500 ha in the area of V1, several of which lie up-ice from V1. Grab samples from a gold-bearing quartz vein assayed up to 8 g/t Au. A large massive sulfide bolder (400 lbs) that assayed (grab) 6.96% Zn, 3.69% Pb, 0.17% Cu, 107 ppm Ag, 724 ppb Au, 1120 ppm Sn, was found 650 m southeast of V2, proximal to an outcropping of banded iron formation.

The presence of Pb-Zn-Ag-Au-bearing massive sulfide boulders suggests that the pyritic exhalite discoveries possibly represent the distal pyrite facies of a much larger VMS system. The widths of the pyrite exposures further suggest the mineralizing event was long lasting. Historical exploration work has been minimal within the mineral belt and there are no recorded drillholes on the property.  The area is easily accessible by road.