Government of New Brunswick

Dave Stevens


Commodity: Molybdenum, Rare Earth Elements

Claim block number (units): 5532 (8)

NTS Location: 21 G/02

Contact Information: Please contact the office of the Mining Recorder (506-453-3826)




  • REEs in soils up to 2948 ppm, with total heavy REE’s up to 992 ppm and light REE’s up to 1956 ppm
  • Yttrium in soil up to 1070 ppm
  • Molybdenite in altered granite to 2440 ppm Mo with 1400 ppm Be; Mo in soil up to 892 ppm
  • Mo and Y both widespread in soils; W in soil up to 217 ppm and 37 ppm Nb
  • Outcropping vein on property runs 57% Pb-Zn with Cu and Ag