Government of New Brunswick

Anthony and Delbert Johnston

Witney Brook

Commodity: Base metals

Claim block number (units): 4068, 9404, 9405, 10665 (34)

NTS Location: 21 P/04

Contact Information: 506-622-1958




The occurrence consists of two showings approximately 1150 m apart along a northeast-trending shear zone. Mineralization is in the form of stringers, 3 mm–2.5 cm wide in sedimentary rocks in the Cambro-Ordovician Miramichi Group. The stringers are 15–61 cm apart and consist of quartz and disseminated sulphides.

Mineralization occurs within a zone of intense shearing, 6–8 m wide, in highly folded and faulted rocks.

Best assay: 1.78% Cu, 2.76% Pb, 3.82% Zn, 97.37 ppm Ag, and 2137 ppb Au.

Novagold optioned the property in 1989. Their best assay drilling results: 1.43% Cu, 0.44 % Pb, 1.27% Zn, 28.8 ppm Ag, and 394 ppb Au.

An IP and resistivity geophysical survey was conducted on the property in 2011.

Assays samples were reported (471032) to contain up to 2.09% Cu over 1 ft (0.3 m), and 1.03% Cu over 4 ft. The most significant interval averaged 0.48% Cu over 25.5 ft (77.7 m) in drillhole B6.