Government of New Brunswick

Art Hamilton

Clearwater Lake

Commodity: Silver, gold

Claim block number (units): 8214, 8591, 9092, 9453 (34)

NTS Location: 21 O/01

Contact Information: 506-546-5744
[email protected]




The property is located in the southern part of the Bathurst Mining Camp and it is underlain by Ordovician felsic and mafic volcanic rocks, granite and, minor mafic intrusive rocks. Historical work focused on massive sulphide exploration; however, significant gold and silver have been discovered on the property. The property is approximately 5 km west of the Sevogle Strip Silver occurrence where trench samples have yielded up to 1430 g/t Ag with 0.37 g/t Au. Limited drilling includes an intersection of 201 g/t Ag over 2.76 m, which supports the potential for precious metal mineralization in the region. The Clearwater Lake mineral occurrence is located on the property where hole RS-76-5, drilled to test an electromagnetic anomaly, coincidentally intersected silver-bearing quartz veins that included 81 g/t Ag and 1.2% Pb over 0.9 m, 22 g/t Ag and 0.79% Pb over 0.65 m, and 26 g/t Ag with 0.28% Pb over 0.8 m between 29.7 and 36.6 m. In 2020, analysis of an angular boulder of pyrite-bearing volcanic breccia with quartz veining, found in the vicinity of hole RS-76-5, returned a grade of 1.57 g/t Au. Strongly anomalous soil samples in this immediate area, which extends over approximately 300 by 400 m and the anomaly remains open to the west, include up to 4.9 ppm Ag, 20 ppb Au, 2936 ppm Pb, 1550 ppm Zn, and 463 ppm As. Local historical surveys have identified several other significant soil geochemical anomalies on the property, which include up to 8.9 ppm Ag, 100 ppb Au, 235 ppm Pb, 1028 ppm Zn, and 767 ppm As. The property includes 34 claim units, covering 746 ha on Crown Land, approximately 55 km northwest of Miramichi. Logging roads provide easy access to the claims.