Government of New Brunswick

Art Hamilton

Bear Lake Brook

Commodity: Silver

Claim block number (units): 7390, 7795, 7847, 8847, 9321, 9629, 10206 (31)

NTS Location: 21 O/01

Contact Information: 506-546-5744
[email protected]




The Bear Lake Brook project covers 789 ha in northern New Brunswick. The claims were staked to cover silver geochemical anomalies (which have not been explained) that were identified in a soil survey by Kerr Addison in 1975. The most impressive soil anomaly extends over 780 m and includes values up to 41.0 ppm Ag. This soil anomaly remains open to the north and additional anomalies occur along trend, to the south. The Kerr Addison assessment file that includes the soil survey provided very poor topographical information to accurately locate the historical anomalies. However, numerous sulphide-bearing altered boulders were recently found in an area considered to be coincident with the main Kerr Addison silver soil anomaly. Rock and soil sample assays are pending for this area. Several silicified pyrite-bearing alteration zones have been identified on the property; however, significantly anomalous silver has only been identified at one location (up to 6.1 g/t Ag), which lies on trend to the north of the interpreted location of the main Kerr Addison soil anomaly. This mineralized zone, in conjunction with the southeast trending soil anomalies, suggests potential Ag-bearing mineralization over a 3 km strike length. Easily accessed by logging roads, the property is located approximately 60 km northwest of Miramichi, on Crown Land.