Government of New Brunswick

A Peat Exploration Licence gives the holder the exclusive right to apply for a Peat Lease. Licences are of one-year duration with provision for a single, one-year extension. Only one licence can be held by an individual or a company at any moment in time. The required annual work expenditure in respect of a licence is $2.50 per hectare. It is a term and condition of a licence that all data obtained under the licence be submitted to the Minister.

Call for Tenders

Call for tenders are published in the Royal Gazette and other appropriate publications at least 60 days prior to the closing date.

Any company that intends to submit a tender must be registered to do business in New Brunswick. Registration may be made by application to: Corporate Affairs, Department of Justice, P.O.Box 6000, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada E3B 5H1

Note: Exploration Licence applications for peatlands less than 40 ha may be excluded from the public tender process. Applications for that class of peatlands can be submitted at any time and are evaluated in the order they are received.

Submission of Tenders
In response to a call for tenders, the tenderers shall take notice of the tender specifications and forward their proposition by the stated closing date. Section 4.2 of the Peat Mining Policy describes in detail the criteria used to evaluate the tenders in addition to further information on peat exploration in the Province.

Publication of Tender Results
Acceptance of a tender proposal automatically leads to the issuance of a Peatland Exploration Licence to the successful applicant. The results of a “Call for tenders” notice for a Peat Exploration Licence are published within ninety days after the closing date of the call for tenders on the Minerals and Petroleum Resources website. They are also distributed to all individuals subscribed in the client mailing list.