Government of New Brunswick

The following table summarizes the fees related to applications, rents and royalties for the acquisition and development of peat resources:

Service Type Fee ($ CAD)
Peat Exploration Licence Application 100.00
Peat Lease Application 50.00
Peat Lease Reclamation Security per area of Crown peatland disturbed 750.00 / ha
Peat Lease Annual Land Rental per area leased 5.00 / ha
Peat Lease Renewal 50.00
Peat Lease Transfer, Reduction, Subdivision, Amalgamation 50.00
   – ordinary peat
   – value-added peat

0.10 / bale
0.06 / bale

A "bale" represents a volume of 0.170 m³ of peat where the peat is at approximately 50% moisture and compressed by a factor of two to one.

The base royalty is $0.10 per standard bale. For value-added peat products, the royalty is $0.06 per bale. “Value-added peat” means peat used in a product that is sold, on an equal volume basis, for a price at least twice that of ordinary peat. The value of ordinary peat for a given year is calculated based on the prescribed formula from subsection 25(3) of General Regulation 93-92 under the Quarriable Substances Act.