Government of New Brunswick

The requirements for reclamation are set forth in the Guide to the Development of a Mining and Reclamation Plan in New Brunswick. This Guide includes:

  • Assessing the background conditions of the site;
  • Assessing environmental risks;
  • Planning an environmentally acceptable mining operation;
  • Planning for progressive reclamation during operations, planning for post-closure reclamation and monitoring; and
  • Providing a cost estimate of reclamation activity.

The goal of reclamation after mining is to return the land to a use whose value is at least equal to its previous value and to ensure the long term ecological and environmental stability of the land and its watershed. This includes leaving the site in a state that is safe to the public and physically stable for the long term. It is preferable in all cases to minimize the footprint of mining operations, plan for progressive reclamation and allow for a situation that is a “walk away” scenario.