Government of New Brunswick

How do I obtain a prospecting licence?
A prospecting licence can be obtained via the NB e-CLAIMS application and is issued once for lifetime. Applicants must be 19 years or older and are required to pay an application fee:

Type of Licence Fee ($)
Individual 100
Partnership 200
Corporation 500

Applicants are required to print their licence and sign it to validate it. Please note, that if, you already have a prospecting licence and you have received your User Name and Password from the Recorder’s office prior to application launch, you do not need to apply for another one via NB e-CLAIMS. Your prospecting licence will be activated as soon as you log in to the application. If you have not received your User Name and Password from the Recorder’s office, please call 506-453-3826 or e-mail and your request will be dealt with promptly.


Do I need to register to use NB e-CLAIMS?
Yes, if you intend to use the NB e-CLAIMS application to complete business transactions.

No, if you are just a visitor who wishes to view maps and search for information (please note that the amount of information accessible to visitors is limited to public information only).


How do I pay?
All transactions to be completed via NB e-CLAIMS require online payment by credit card (Visa or Mastercard). Payment other than by credit card may be done at Fredericton’s office and with the Recorder’s approval.


How do I register a mineral claim?
Claim acquisition in New Brunswick is an online process and can be completed by selecting claim units from an interactive map or by inputting claim units numbers in the application. For acquisition, the minimum size of a claim is 1 unit and the maximum number of units should not exceed 256 contiguous available units. The fees for acquisition are as follows:

Type of Activity Fee ($)
Claim Acquisition (Individual): ≤30 claim units* 10/unit
Work Deposit for Claim Acquisition (Individual): ≤30 claim units 0
Work Deposit for Claim Acquisition (Individual): >30 claim units 50/unit
Claim Acquisition (Corporate) 10/unit
Work Deposit Claim Acquisition (Corporate) 50/unit

* The calculation for the first 30 units starts on and resets on January 1st each year.

Please visit our tutorials section for instruction on how to stake a claim online.


Can someone else register claims on my behalf?
Yes. NB e-CLAIMS application allows you to do that via the Prospecting Licence Management module. You may select ‘agent management link’ then assign the prospector of your choice as your agent. You then will be prompted to select the permissions (transaction types) you wish that agent to do for you. These include staking a claim and any other function available via NB e-CLAIMS.


Do I have to convert my ground staked claim? How do I do that?
In order to fully benefit from all the options available via NB e-CLAIMS, holders of ground staked claims should convert their claims. Conversion of Ground based mineral claims to Map base Claims is to be voluntarily completed until such time as the Recorder’s office will control any outstanding conversions. An application to convert ground staked claims and samples of conversion processes are available via the Minerals web site.


How do I report work on a claim?
Required work can be performed on any one or more claims. Mineral claims have to be contiguous, are held in the name of one person or company, and have the same recording date. For more information, please check the reporting requirements page of the Minerals website.


How do I submit a Report of Work (mineral assessment report) on a claim?
A Report of Work can be submitted in duplicate as hard copy via mail or by hand to the regional office. It can also be submitted in an electronic format via NB e-CLAIMS application by selecting the Mineral Claim Acquisition & Management module, then Report of Work. For hands-on how to do this, please visit our tutorials section. Note: the only accepted format is PDF and the file size should not exceed 10 Mb. If your file exceeds 10 Mb, please submit your report on CD or DVD.


What are NB e-CLAIMS system requirements?
NB e-CLAIMS works best with browsers that are JavaScript enabled. Recommended browsers are: Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher, Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and higher.

  • To view the Tutorials videos, the Adobe Flash player Plugin for browser need to be installed on your machine.
  • To view PDF documents, Adobe reader needs to be installed on your machine. The link to download Adobe reader is available from NB e-CLAIMS home page.
  • To view Excel reports, any application that can read XLS file format need to be installed.

NB e-CLAIMS is best viewed with a screen resolution of at least 1024x768 or higher.