Government of New Brunswick

A holder of claims may apply for and obtain a Mining Lease for production if the existence, extent and value of an orebody have been determined and a decision to commence production has been made. Production means mining for the purpose of sale, trade, barter or stockpiling.

Before a Mining lease is granted a proposed project would be required to obtain a provincial EIA determination, at minimum, and could required federal EIA determination and Fisheries authorizations depending on site specifics of the project.

Detailed requirements for obtaining and maintaining a lease are specified in the Mining Act; however, for a quick reference, check the Summary of Mineral Claim and Mining Lease Requirements document.

A Mining Lease will require:

  • Submission of a feasibility study including a mining plan and program for protection, reclamation and rehabilitation of the environment
  • An EIA determination
  • An application fee of $500
  • Proof of surface rights ownership, consent of owner, and consent of municipality or local planning commission if applicable.
  • Financial security for reclamation
  • A lease boundary survey
  • First year’s lease rental