Government of New Brunswick

A holder of claims may apply for and obtain a Mining Lease – Form 14 for production if the existence, extent and value of an orebody have been determined and a decision to commence production has been made. Production means mining for the purpose of sale, trade, barter or stockpiling. Bulk sampling for assaying or for metallurgical testing is permitted on claims.

Detailed requirements for obtaining and maintaining a lease are specified in the Mining Act; however, for a quick reference, check the Summary of Mineral Claim and Mining Lease Requirements document.

Standard Conditions for Obtaining, Holding and Renewing a Mining Lease

  • When Granting a Mining Lease
    – Dimensions and grade of deposit must be defined
    – Decision to commence production
    – Feasibility study including mining plan and program for environmental protection and reclamation
    – Company information
    – Recording fee
    – Proof of surface rights ownership or consent of owner or post damage security
    – Security for reclamation
    – Lease boundary survey
    – Size of lease as demonstrated to Minister to be necessary for mining operations
  • Before opening a mine for production
    – Write notice to Minister (90 days prior to production)
    – Update feasibility study
  • Commencement of production
    – Notify Minister if production has not commenced
  • Lease renewal
    – Notify Minister if production ceases or is reduced
  • Orebody Depleted
    – Reclamation