Government of New Brunswick
April 2018

An April 17, 2018 press release from Northcliff Resources Ltd., on behalf of Sisson Mines Ltd., provided an update on their Sisson Tungsten-Molybdenum Project in central New Brunswick. Regulatory and permitting work continues including:  Metal Mining Effluent Regulations Schedule 2 amendment, and applications for Crown land and Mining leases that are required for mine construction and operation. Other ongoing work includes education and training initiatives, environmental monitoring, and working with the Woodstock First Nation. Additionally, a metallurgical optimization program is in progress with Bomenco Minerals Engineering & Consulting Inc. to assess the potential to improve the grade of the tungsten while maintaining metallurgically optimal recoveries.

In an April 12, 2018 press release, Trevali Mining Corporation released preliminary Q1-2018 production numbers as well as Mineral Reserves and Mineral Resources Statements as of December 31, 2017 for the Caribou Mine located in the Bathurst Mining Camp, New Brunswick. Preliminary production estimates for Q1-2018 are 238,650 tonnes mined, 19.0 million lbs of payable zinc, 7.2 million lbs of payable lead, and 216,087 ozs of payable silver.  Mill throughput was 235,531 tonnes with average head grades and recoveries of 5.94% and 75% for zinc, 2.43% and 62% for lead, 2.14 ozs/ton and 41% for silver, respectively.

In an April 16, 2018 press release, Trevali Mining Corporation released Mineral Reserve estimates for the Caribou Mine in northern New Brunswick. Proven and Probable Mineral Reserves as of December 31, 2017 are 729.3 M lbs of Zn, 272.5 M lbs of Pb, and 11,945 K oz of Ag at a grade of 6.34%, 2.37%, and 71.20 g/t, respectively, in 5.22 Mt.  They also provided Mineral Resource estimates (as of December 31, 2017) for the Caribou Mine, Halfmile Mine and Stratmat:

  • Caribou Mine: Measured and Indicated Resources include 1,197.5 M lbs of Zn (grading 6.11%), 446.9 M lbs of Pb (grading 2.28%), 74.5 M lbs of Cu (grading 0.38%), 19,449 K oz of Ag (grading 68.00 g/t) in 8.89 Mt; Inferred Resources are 879.6 M lbs at a grade of 5.70% Zn, 324.1 M lbs at a grade of 2.10 % Pb, 46.3 M lbs at a grade of 0.30 % Cu, 14,597 K oz Ag at a grade of 65.00 g/t Ag in 7.00 Mt.
  • Halfmile Mine: Measured and Indicated Resources are 1,199 M lbs of Zn (grading 6.94%), 407.0 M lbs of Pb (grading 2.35%), 31.0 M lbs of Cu (grading 0.15%), 8,980 K oz of Ag (grading 36 g/t), and 80 K oz of Au (grading 0.30 g/t) in 7.80 Mt; Inferred Resources are 806.0 M lbs of Zn (grading 5.62%), 216.0 M lbs of Pb (grading 1.51%), 21.0 M lbs of Cu (grading 0.15%), 4,720 K oz of Ag (grading 23 g/t), and 20 K oz of Au (grading 0.10 g/t) in 6.50 Mt.
  • ·Stratmat: Indicated Resources are 550.0 M lbs of Zn (grading 5.30%), 214.0 M lbs of Pb (grading 2.10%), 43.0 M lbs of Cu (grading 0.40%), 7,300 K oz of Ag (grading 49 g/t), and 90 K oz of Au (grading 0.60 g/t) in 4.70 Mt; Inferred Resources are 252.0 M lbs of Zn (grading 4.80%), 110.0 M lbs of Pb (grading 2.10%), 37.0 M lbs of Cu (grading 0.70%), 3,000 K oz of silver (grading 39 g/t), and 30 K oz of Au (grading 0.40 g/t) in 2.40 Mt.