Government of New Brunswick

Possessory Title is a method of acquiring title or right to land that has been occupied for a statutory period of time as defined by law, under specific conditions.

There are two time periods that apply.

  • Sixty years for land that is ungranted.
  • Fifteen years for reconveyed land.

Ungranted land: the ownership was always vested with the Department Natural Resources and Energy Development (DNRED).

Reconveyed land: the land was once granted by the Crown but ownership was subsequently returned to the Crown (DNRED).

The occupation of the land must be open, visible, uninterrupted and exclusive for the applicable period of time.

If the applicable time and occupation requirements are met, you can submit a claim, in writing, to the Crown Lands Branch – Department of Energy and Resource Development.

Toll-free number: 1-888-312-5600

E-mail: [email protected]