Government of New Brunswick

A land exchange is the process by which the Crown will trade a parcel of Crown land for a parcel of privately owned land based on equal market value and not based on area.

There are no Crown parcels dedicated for exchange purposes. Applicants must submit a proposal identifying both the Crown and private land(s) to be exchanged.

  • Crown land that does not have any known ecological, scientific, or cultural significance;
  • is not required for access to other Crown land or resources;
  • is not required for departmental programs; and,
  • has less than 50% of their boundaries in common with other Crown lands will be considered.

The freehold land must:

  • have clear and free title under the Land Titles Act;
  • have no associated restrictions;
  • have no known or suspected environmental liabilities;
  • have market value within 10% of the Crown land;
  • have merchantable timber value within 10% of the Crown land; and
  • have more than 50% of it’s boundary in common with Crown land; or,
  • border on Crown land so that boundary maintenance is reduced; or be located within a larger parcel of Crown.

The amount determined by an appraiser that indicates the amount a seller could expect to receive for their land on the open market.

If the land exchange is given a conditional approval the applicant must have both the Crown and private parcels appraised, at their own expense, by an appraiser holding an AACI designation from the Appraisal Institute of Canada.

A timber cruise is an inspection of a wooded area used to determine the amount of wood that is present and the value of that wood. Yes, the land will have to be timber cruised, if the appraisal process requires an estimate of wood volumes.

The Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development (DNRED) will conduct timber cruises of both the freehold and the Crown land. The applicant will bear the cost of the timber cruise for his/her land.

Only when the review of the proposed land exchange indicates that a survey is necessary.

The applicant will be responsible for hiring a New Brunswick land surveyor to survey the land(s) at the applicant’s expense.

You must submit a Land Use Application Form to the Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development (DNRED). You must have identified the private land offered and the Crown land you wish to acquire through the exchange.

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