Government of New Brunswick

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Air Quality Approvals and Permits
Amendment to a Rural Plan or Basic Planning Statement - Application   
Assessment and Planning Appeal Board  
Become a Member of Your Local Service District Advisory Committee   
Beverage Container Program 
Communal Wastewater Treatment Facility Approval
Community Restructuring   
Composting Facilities Approvals
Construction and Demolition Debris Disposal Site Approvals
Environmental Impact Assessment Registration 
Fees for Planning Services  
Freshwater Aquaculture Certificate of Approval
Green Municipal Fund  
Guidelines for the Delivery of Planning Services - Parcel Annexation   
Guidelines for the Delivery of Planning Services - Register an Amendment to a Plan    
Guidelines for the Delivery of Planning Services - Role and Responsibilities of the District Planning Commission   
Guidelines for the Delivery of Planning Services - Water Protection   
Guidelines for the Delivery of Planning Services - Zoning Requests   
Impound Fee for Seized Dog   
Land Reclamation Site Approval
Land-based Dredging Material Disposal Site Approval
Local Service Districts (LSDs)   
Marine Finfish Aquaculture Approval
Multi-Year Dog Licences   
Municipal Capital Borrowing  
Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund in New Brunswick   
Municipalities (Cities, Towns, Villages) and Rural Communities  
Ozone Depleting Substances and other Halocarbons Permits 
Permit for Open Burning   
Pesticide Applicator Certificate 
Pesticide Operator Licence 
Pesticide Permit
Pesticide Vendor Licence 
Pet Establishment Licence   
Petroleum Storage Site Approval and Petroleum Storage Environmental Approvals  
Petroleum Storage Site Licence 
Petroleum Storage Tank Installer's Licence 
Property-Based Environmental Information
Registration and Licencing of Dogs in unincorporated areas or Local Service Districts (LSDs)  
Septage Handling Business Approval
Tire Stewardship Program  
Unconditional Grants   
Used Oil - Carrier Approval
Used Oil and Glycol Program   
Water and Wastewater Services in Provincially Maintained Subdivisions  
Water Classification   
Water Quality Approvals For A Source
Water Supply Source Assessment Permit  
Water Well Contractor Permit  
Water Well Driller Permit  
Water Well Testing  
Watercourse and Wetland Alteration Permit  
Watershed Protected Area Designation Order (Application for an Exemption)  
Wellfield Protection