FREDERICTON (GNB) – Environment and Climate Change Minister Gary Crossman has determined a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is needed for a proposed small modular reactor project at the NB Power property on the Lepreau Peninsula.

“The EIA review process is a long-standing mechanism for the environmental review of projects in New Brunswick,” said Crossman. “The technology behind small nuclear reactors is new and that is why it is important to have such a thorough review.”

NB Power, with support from ARC Clean Technology Inc., is planning the construction and operation of one advanced small modular reactor to the west of the existing Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station.

“To transition to a cost-effective, clean and secure energy supply, we are exploring new ways of delivering energy to customers,” said Lori Clark, CEO of NB Power. “Small modular reactors are part of the solution to reach our target of being net-zero by 2035 and ensure that we are meeting the needs of New Brunswickers today and into the future.”

Crossman said the EIA review has been a proactive approach to environmental management in New Brunswick for 35 years by ensuring each project is given the thorough assessment needed to be implemented effectively and safely.

More information on the EIA process and the registration document are available on the Department of Environment and Local Government’s website.