FREDERICTON (GNB) – Ice-fishing shelters must be removed from all provincial waterways no later than March 15.

It is important to note that ice-fishing season is open until March 31.

“As we are headed towards spring, it is important to be cautious and not wait until it is too late to remove ice-fishing shelters,” said Environment and Climate Change Minister Gary Crossman. “Owners of ice-fishing structures must keep a close eye on conditions and, if they see signs of melting, remove the shelters.”

Owners are responsible for removing their structures before the deadline to avoid causing an environmental hazard by having possible waste and debris in the province’s waterways. They must also remove all garbage and debris. Ice fishers have an obligation to ensure no harm is caused to the environment.

The annual removal order falls under Section 15 (7) of the Water Quality Regulation of the Clean Environment Act.

“It is the responsibility of owners of ice-fishing shelters to clean up after themselves at the end of the season,” said Crossman. “If not cleared, the structures are bound to end up in the river or lake after spring melt and nobody wants that. We all want to enjoy clean water all year round. Our natural attractions are what makes our province beautiful.”

Signs are posted at popular ice-fishing sites, reminding shelter owners to respect regulations and to properly maintain their shelters until the end of the fishing season.

The department encourages all New Brunswickers to be responsible stewards of the environment, and to report any infraction of environmental regulations.

More information relating to ice-fishing shelters is available online.