HILLSBOROUGH (GNB) – The federal, provincial and municipal governments are combining to invest more than $1.5 million in upgrades to the community arena in Hillsborough.

The project is funded through the Small Communities Fund.

“Through our investment in community-based assets like the Hillsborough Arena, we are paving the path to long-term economic and social prosperity and growth for the community,” said Finance Minister Cathy Rogers. “We are committed to getting things done in areas that are a priority for all New Brunswickers. These investments will have a lasting positive impact on the quality of life of all residents.”

Rogers spoke on behalf of Environment and Local Government Minister Andrew Harvey.

The arena upgrades are meant to promote physical activity in the community.

“The Government of Canada is proud to invest in projects like the Hillsborough Arena that bring people together and help residents maintain a healthy lifestyle,” said Fundy Royal MP Alaina Lockhart. “Investments in public infrastructure projects not only enhance Canadians’ quality of life, but also create good, well-paying jobs that help Canadian communities grow and prosper.”

Lockhart attended for federal Infrastructure and Communities Minister François-Philippe Champagne.

The municipal, provincial and federal governments are each contributing more than $500,000 towards the project.

The Small Communities Fund supports projects of national, regional and local significance that contribute to economic growth, a clean environment and stronger communities.

“Our arena is a centre point for our community and the surrounding area,” said Hillsborough Mayor Barry Snider. “It is a place where players and fans enjoy winter sports and friendships. We are very excited about this announcement, as receiving this funding is the difference between us keeping the arena open or closing the doors.”