JEMSEG (GNB) – The Local Service District of Cambridge will receive $100,000 in the form of a capital loan from the provincial government to expand the fire hall in Jemseg.

“Your government is working hard to ensure local service districts and communities throughout New Brunswick can achieve their priorities,” said deputy premier Stephen Horsman. “Our government is pleased to provide access to the capital funding needed to enhance the ability of the Cambridge local service district to respond to emergency situations and improve services in their community.”

Horsman spoke on behalf of Environment and Local Government Minister Serge Rousselle.

This funding, through the Small Capital Loans Program, will allow for the expansion of the fire hall to meet the equipment housing and training requirements of the department.

“Our fire department had outgrown its current space and we required this expansion to allow safe access to apparatus and sufficient room for our equipment and training in the facility,” said fire Chief Gilbert Farris. “We are very grateful to the province for helping us with this project.”

The Department of Environment and Local Government administers fire services in local service districts and facilitates the tendering and purchasing process. Funding accessed through the Small Capital Loans Program will be repaid, with interest, through local property tax recoveries.