FREDERICTON (GNB) – Proposed changes to the Designated Materials Regulation under the Clean Environment Act have been posted online for a 28 day public comment period.

The proposed changes would result in the establishment of a waste stewardship program for electronics such as televisions, computers, digital cameras and fax machines. As a result of this program, industry will become responsible for managing their electronic products from the date of their manufacturing to the end of their use and disposal.

“Our government is committed to having a waste stewardship program for electronics,” said Environment and Local Government Minister Brian Kenny. “Posting these regulations marks the first step towards that goal. I encourage New Brunswickers to participate in the public comment process.”

The proposed changes would result in about 3,500 tons of electronic waste being diverted from landfills and recycled each year through a program overseen by Recycle New Brunswick and managed by industry.

If approved, the program could be in operation by fall 2016.