Government of New Brunswick
Who is required to get a Pet Establishment licence?

Operators of kennels, pet retail stores and animal shelters are required to obtain a licence.


How much will a licence cost?

Kennel and pet retail store licences each cost $250, and animal shelter licences cost $100.


How often does the licence have to be renewed?

Licences must be renewed annually. They are valid for one year from the date of issue.


Who will enforce this new Regulation?

Animal protection officers of the NBSPCA will enforce the new Regulation.


What if a pet store/animal shelter/kennel is suspected of being in violation of the new Regulation?

The NBSPCA is able to inspect pet establishments. This will include assessing whether an operation is being run according to required standards.


What if a pet establishment is found guilty of being in violation... what will happen?

The SPCA Act establishes penalties for failing to provide an animal with proper food, water, shelter and care. Failing to adhere to the standards of animal care set out in regulations under the Act, including the Pet Establishment Regulation, is an offence under the Act. Additionally, it will be an offence to operate a pet establishment without a licence.


Why are animal shelters required to be licensed?

Standards of animal care are important for animals in shelters as well. The new regulation articulates the standards for all premises where pets are present, including animal shelters.


Are there exemptions from the licensing requirements?

Establishments selling animals considered livestock; grooming facilities; training operations; research and educational facilities; veterinary clinics boarding animals for medical reasons only; circuses; zoos or premises that house horses (such as boarding or riding stables) are exempt from the licensing requirements.


What animal control responsibilities remain under the oversight of municipalities and rural communities?

Municipalities and rural communities retain oversight of other aspects of animal control such as issuing dog licenses for those animals not in pet establishments and the control of animals running at large.