Government of New Brunswick

Greater Animal Protection in New Brunswick

For questions concerning licensing, please call the NB SPCA at (506) 458-8208

What establishments need to be licensed?

Operators of pet establishments (kennels, pet retail stores and animal shelters) across New Brunswick are required to obtain a licence under the Pet Establishment Regulation. The Regulation also specifies standards of animal care for these establishments.

Established for the protection of animals, the Regulation is overseen and enforced by the New Brunswick Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NB SPCA).

What is required...

All pet establishments  require a licence in order to operate. The cost of the licence is $100 for animal shelters, and $250 for kennels and pet retail stores.

In addition, standards of animal care for pet establishments are contained in the Pet Establishment Regulation. The NBSPCA  has the authority to enforce them, perform inspections, and review records of animals in pet establishments.

It is  an offence to operate a pet establishment without a licence or to fail to follow the standards specified in the Regulation.