Government of New Brunswick

The following pages provide an outline of the new regional services model. Government will provide additional information as legislation is introduced, and will be working during 2012 with the current service providers, including the Regional Solid Waste and District Planning Commissions, to facilitate the transition (including staffing) to the new multi-purpose Regional Service Commissions.

As the new model is put in place, citizens will not experience a disruption in key services. For example, household waste will continue to be collected each week, and emergency measures personnel will continue to respond to emergencies as required.

The new Regional Service Commission Boundaries

As part of the process to share information about the new regional services model, the Department of Local Government will be confirming the new regional service boundaries with stakeholders.

  • Under the new model, the Province will be divided into 12 regions.
  • All Municipalities, Rural Communities, and Local Services Districts which are situated within each region will be served by a Regional Service Commission for that region.
  • Boundaries for 12 regions are based on communities and regions of
    interest (including such factors as regional identity, existing boundaries, language profiles, as well as proximity to and use of facilities such as schools, recreation centres, etc.).