Government of New Brunswick

The last comprehensive local governance reform was introduced in the late 1960s. Communities in New Brunswick have significantly and fundamentally changed in the last 40 years, as have the services residents receive and expect.

The Action Plan for a New Local Governance System in New Brunswick represents a timely, relevant and significant shift in the way local governance is administered today, and how services are delivered to residents in our communities.  It is the Government’s path forward in response to the consultation process that was commenced in February 2011. 

The Action Plan outlines Government’s intentions as it proceeds with forging a New Local Governance System that will serve the people of New Brunswick in a fairer and more transparent manner.

There are clear actions outlined in the Plan that will be implemented during the next two years, and phased-in over a longer period of time.

These actions are a major step forward, and putting a new governance system in place requires leadership by government and community sectors.  Ultimately, a New Local Governance System will provide a foundation for New Brunswick communities to provide affordable services to citizens on a long-term and sustainable basis. 

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