Government of New Brunswick

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome municipal officials to the Municipal Orientation 2016 website.

Municipal Orientation 2016 is a learning event intended to provide municipal officials (elected and non-elected) with key information pertaining to the exercise of their duties.  This year’s session will focus on community leadership, good governance and regional co-operation.

The sessions provide an overview of the key aspects of municipal operations such as good governance, roles and responsibilities of council members and staff, opened and closed meetings of council, budgeting, capital borrowing, an overview of the Regional Service Commissions, and strengthening regional co-operation.

It takes a great amount of commitment and desire to make positive change in your municipality and rural community.   We hope that the Municipal Orientation session provides you with key information in fulfilling your role as a municipal leader in your community.

Please use our online tool to register.   If you have any questions regarding the orientation sessions, please don't hesitate to contact the Local and Regional Governance Branch of the Department of Environment and Local Government at 506-444-2735.

Thank you.

Brian Kenny
Minister, Department of Environment and Local Government