Government of New Brunswick

Advisory Committee Mandate

The Implementation Advisory Committee (IAC) will be the technical advisory committee comprised of the Director of Special Projects, the Project Manager and municipal officials. The IAC will be responsible to review all pertinent documentation and provide technical advice and input pertaining to the implementation of the PSAB requirements for New Brunswick municipalities. The Implementation Advisory Committee will report to the Implementation Steering Committee through the Project Manager and the Director of Special Projects.

Sandra Jessop-Roach, CGA, Project Director, Department of Local Government
(506) 453-2154

Ivan Corbett, Project Manager, Department of Local Government
(506) 444-4423

Jeff Russell, Project Engineer
(506) 444-4783


Rino LaForge, Treasurer, Grand-Sault/Grand Falls
(506) 475-7777

Joanne McGraw, CGA, Treasurer
(506) 849-5778
Mike Brennan, CGA, Administrator, Quispamsis
(506) 849-5995

Tina Tapley, CA, Assistant Treasurer
(506) 460-2064
Alicia Keating, CA, Financial Project Manager, Fredericton
(506) 460-2182

Don Smith, Clerk/Treasurer, Sussex Corner
(506) 433-5184

André Doucet, CA, Manager/Treasurer, Bathurst
(506) 548-0733

Marie-Eve Cyr, Directrice général/Secrétaire-trésorière, Pointe-Verte
(506) 542-2606

Blair MacDonald, FCA, Deputy Mayor, Rothesay
(506) 847-2724

Roseline Maillet, Mayor, Saint-Antoine
(506) 525-2958