Government of New Brunswick

On December 11, 2008, Roland Haché, Minister of Environment tabled New Brunswick's Implementation Plan for Canada-wide Standards for PM and Ozone in the Legislature.

Extensive research in Canada has shown that particulate matter and ground level ozone, two key components of smog, are associated with significant health and environmental effects. In 2000, these findings led to the development of Canada-wide standards for particulate matter and ozone, through the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment. These standards commit provinces and territories to reduce emissions that contribute to particulate matter and ground-level ozone levels by 2010. New Brunswick endorsed the standards in 2001.

Key components of New Brunswick's Implementation Plan for PM and Ozone include:

  • Emission reduction in the industrial sector
  • Cleaner vehicles and fuels;
  • Annual reporting on air quality;
  • Launching a new air quality health index in Saint John this year
  • Improved air quality monitoring for PM and Ozone;
  • Transportation efficiency measures through DOT;
  • ETF projects that result in air quality benefits;
  • Co-benefits for PM and Ozone expected through efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions under the Climate Change Action Plan; and
  • Continuous Improvement Program to be developed for the industrial sector.