Government of New Brunswick
Extended Producer Responsibility

Improving Recycling Opportunities . . .

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is an environmental policy approach that extends industry responsibility for a product beyond production to include the waste management of that product. This responsibility creates an incentive for the production of more environmentally friendly products that can be easily recycled or reused at end-of-life.

EPR programs place the responsibility of end-of-life product management (i.e. container and leftover/used product recycling) with industry and away from government and taxpayers.  In addition, EPR programs provide incentive to keep materials out of the waste stream.  

Current and New EPR Programs


The Used Paint EPR Program

Put in place in 2008, this program is funded by industry and overseen by Recycle NB, a multi-material stewardship board.  As an EPR program, industry is responsible for the cost of recycling end-of-life products (e.g. leftover or unwanted paint).  Brand owners are required to register with Recycle NB in order to be able to sell paint in the province. They must have an approved stewardship plan and meet reuse rates with respect to waste paint. As part of their management role, Recycle NB monitors the program and ensures that 70% of all paint received is made into new paint.

Under this program, New Brunswick paint consumers now have access to a network of over 50 drop-off locations province-wide. For more information and to find out where you can drop-off your used paint, visit Recycle NB’s website.


New Used Oil and Glycol (coolant) EPR Programs

Put in place in 2014, used oil and glycol EPR programs are fully operational in New Brunswick.  The programs are funded by industry and overseen by Recycle NB.  As with other EPR programs, industry is responsible for the costs associated with the collection and proper environmental reuse or disposal of the oil and glycol  products that they distribute in the province. Brand owners are required to have a plan approved by Recycle NB in order to sell their products in New Brunswick.  The Plan must outline how the waste materials are collected, stored, transported, recycled, reused or otherwise disposed of by industry.

As part of these programs, consumers have free and easy access to return facilities.  For information concerning the new used oil and glycol programs, including industry and brand owner responsibilities, contact Recycle NB.