Government of New Brunswick

When you buy a non-alcoholic (ready-to-drink) beverage, of any size, whether it's at a corner store or a supermarket, you pay a 10 ¢ deposit.

(Powdered or frozen juices, cocktail mixers, and fruit syrups are not considered ready-to-drink beverages, and therefore, do not have a deposit.)

When purchasing products at a N.B. Liquor store or outlet, you'll pay a 10 ¢ deposit on small containers (500ml and under) and 20 ¢ deposit on large containers (over 500ml). The exception is refillable beer bottles, where the deposit is $1.20 per dozen.

There are 2 reasons why you are paying the deposit:

  • so you will bring the empty container back,
  • and to help pay the recycling costs.
Beverage Containers Program / Programme de gestion des récipients à boisson

Remember to look for a refund message on the beverages you purchase, to make sure that the container on which you've paid a deposit can be returned. There are a variety of messages on containers sold in New Brunswick, such as "Return for Refund Where Applicable by Law" or "Return for Deposit/Refillable".

By the way, you do not pay any additional tax on the deposit.

That's the story on deposits - now on the redemption Centres, and your Refund...