Government of New Brunswick
A new way of doing things . . .

In the "old days", when you finished drinking a beverage you didn't have much choice but to throw the empty container into the garbage. And, unfortunately, as we've seen along New Brunswick's roadsides, some containers ended up being littered. There were exceptions, but most containers were non-refundable.

Well, now we have a program that lets us make better choices for our environment. Now when a container is empty, we can return it to a registered redemption centre and get a refund.

But let's start at the beginning, when the beverage is sold to a store or vendor for re-sale to consumers.


Distributors, (companies that sell ready-to-drink beverages to stores in New Brunswick) have to package their beverages in containers which can be returned either for refilling or recycling.

Refillable containers, (like those made from heavy glass), will be washed out and refilled again.

Containers made of other materials like plastic, paper, light-weight glass and metal will be recycled - that is broken down and used to make other products.