Government of New Brunswick

New Brunswick's Beverage Containers Program was put in place to reduce the amount of waste which goes to our landfills, or ends up being littered along our roadsides and waterways. Several other provinces and American states also operate beverage container programs, but New Brunswick's is considered one of the best in North America, and here's why:

  • Each beverage distributor is responsible for managing their containers by refilling or recycling them,
  • The program reduces the amount of garbage going to our landfills or being littered along roadsides and waterways,
  • It creates jobs at redemption and processing centres, and in the trucking industry,
  • After processing the beverage containers, the materials are of such high quality that New Brunswick is guaranteed a market for its recyclables,
  • It provides schools and community groups with a fund-raising tool,
  • The program earns money for future environmental activities and education,
  • and it gives every New Brunswicker a chance to get involved in protecting our environment.

This booklet has been created to explain how New Brunswick's Beverage Containers Program works, including your important role as a consumer.