Government of New Brunswick

Please note that an application must be filled out for each property that an exemption is being applied for.





  Telephone Number:






 (if different from applicant)



  Telephone Number:








Watershed Maps may be viewed at Department of Environment and Local Government office or Service New Brunswick Registry Offices.



PID Number(s)


Area (B or C)


Protected Area ‘B’: 75-meter setback zone from watercourse;
Protected Area ‘C’: remaining area outside of setback zone, but within the watershed area.

Your Property Identification Number (PID) may be determined by referring to your property tax bill or phoning Service New Brunswick (SNB) at 1-888-762-8600.

A map must be included for each property.


Type of Activity:

Please check one of the following that best describes your property's land use:



Description of Activity:

In detail, describe the use of the property and whether the use is existing or proposed; specify the distance from the watercourse that the activity will take place; include a separate description for each property.


To submit maps and/or blueprints to complete the application, please send them by mail or fax to :

Sustainable Development, Planning and Impact Evaluation Branch
Environment and Local Government
(20 McGloin St., E3A 5T8)
P. O. Box 6000, Fredericton, NB
E3B 5H1

Fax: 457-7805


Do you require an outboard motor exemption?


(If so, please list the make and model, power rating (# horse power), configuration (2 or 4 strokes), year and serial number of your motor(s):


You will require an exemption for an outboard motor if you live in a designated watershed, and you have an outboard motor that is either: a) greater than 10 horsepower, or b) two-stroke configuration.


Have you previously requested an exemption from the Minister?


If so, please quote the file number


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