Government of New Brunswick

The following list contains the ETF priority areas for 2019-2020 along with a few examples.

Protecting our Environment

Examples: Conservation/protection/research activities related to our natural resources including: water, air, coastlines and wetlands. Projects aimed at conserving and/or improving ecosystem biodiversity.

Increasing Environmental Awareness

Examples: Environmental education/awareness initiatives related to the 2019-2020 ETF Priority Areas. Partnerships that are provincial in scope, or programs that may be applied provincially, are encouraged. Educational projects/components could be delivered, for example, through schools, youth-based organizations, community groups, etc.

Managing our Waste

Examples: Innovative or new waste reduction/management activities that support environmental stewardship, new or enhancement of recycling programs, anti-littering efforts, and recycling initiatives.

Addressing Climate Change

Examples: Assessment and promotion of new technologies or initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through projects such as community-based transportation, carbon offset opportunities and renewable energy. Initiatives in response to climate change in relation to risks and vulnerabilities, impacts and adaptation, and trends and observations.

Building Sustainable Communities

Examples: Projects and initiatives that support sustainable  development by advancing innovative land use approaches and strengthening communities.