Government of New Brunswick

The following screening criteria will be applied to applications:

  1. Project proposals must fit into at least one of the six ETF categories (Protection, Restoration, Conservation, Education, Beautification, Sustainable Development).
    - Many submissions will fit into more than one.

  2. Project proposals require tangible, and clearly measurable goals aimed at protecting, preserving and enhancing New Brunswick's natural environment.

  3. Projects that support ETF Priority Areas may be given preference over other projects. Applications will be evaluated on merit with the intent of supporting those projects that provide the greatest benefit to the environment.

  4. Some activities are generally not supported through the ETF such as:
  • Bank and shoreline stabilization measures other than natural plantings
  • Development, management, and maintenance of parks and trails
  • Feasibility studies
  • Septic upgrades
  • Non "green" activities (eg. sidewalk construction, paving, etc.)
  • Activities that are required by legislation (eg. Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), etc.)
  • Acquisition of land
  • Activities where other more appropriate funding programs should be accessed.
  • Infrastructure and capital assets
  • Instances when the recipient would gain an advantage over entrepreneurs in the same sector or a related sector of the economy