Government of New Brunswick

Should your application be successful, you, as proponent, agree to carry out and complete the funded activities of the approved project as described, and at the times and places indicated in your project proposal, within the same fiscal year (April 1 to March 31) as it is approved for funding. An interim progress report and a final report (with executive summary) are also requirements of your award.

The Government of New Brunswick wishes to maintain a collection of publications (books, videos, reports, etc.) assisted by funding from the Trust Fund. Upon completion of your project, a copy of your final report will be forwarded to the Legislative Library by ETF staff.

You also agree to work in co-operation with, and allow representatives of the Environmental Trust Fund access to your project site on a continuing basis for observation and to visually record the project. As well, you agree to publicize your project and the Fund's contribution to it, including where appropriate, the use of signs and logos.

You agree to provide accurate records of all project expenditures to the ETF, as set forth in your Letter of Offer. This will include using the Detailed Claim Form (to be provided), and providing the ETF with copies of all invoices associated with the project and acceptable proof of payment. All records must be retained for audit purposes for a period of seven years following final payment on the project.

You agree to indemnify and save harmless the parties to the agreement and their Ministers, officers and employees from and against all claims, demands, losses, damages, costs of any kind based upon any injury or death of a person or damage to or loss of property arising from any wilful or negligent act, omission or delay on the part of the third party or its servants or agents in carrying out the contract. You waive all claims of any nature they may have against the Fund in consideration of the Fund's contribution to your project.

You agree, as well, to include the New Brunswick wordmark in a prominent location on all documents, signage and other printed media related to the project. In addition, the message "Your Environmental Trust Fund at Work - Votre Fonds en fiducie pour l'environnement au travail" should appear along with the New Brunswick wordmark. Please contact Service New Brunswick for wordmark guidelines.