Government of New Brunswick
Date Project Registered Project Number Proponent Description of the Project Location (county) Assigned Project Manager Status Date of Decision
2020/1/17 1535 Maritime Iron Inc. Maritime Iron Inc. is proposing to construct and operate an iron processing facility in Belledune. The facility will process iron ore to produce 1.5 million tonnes of pig iron annually. Pig iron is an intermediate product used in steel making. Raw materials would arrive by ship to the Port of Belledune and the finished product would be shipped out via the Port.
Gloucester Sheila Goucher On hold    
2020/01/27 1536 Nackawic Marina Development The proposed project involves the construction a recreational warf and associated infrastructure near downtown Nackawic. York Rachelle Voisine Certificate of Determination Issued
2020/02/13 1537 McCain Foods Canada, a Division of McCain Foods Limited
The addition of a new potato processing line within the existing Grand Falls Facility requiring additional water and upgrades to the existing wastewater treatment system. 
Victoria Lee Swanson Certificate of Determination Issued 2020/06/11
2020/02/18 1538 Natural Forces Development Limited Partnership The Natural Forces Development Limited Partnership is proposing to construct a wind farm consists of 5 ‐ 10 wind turbines capable of producing 20 ‐ 42 MW of renewable energy. The Burchill Wind Project which is located within the City of Saint John city limits will be constructed, owned, operated and maintained by the Natural Forces Development Limited Partnership.
Saint John Shawn Hamilton Certificate of determination issued 2021/04/30
2020/04/08 1539 Graymont (NB) Inc.
The proposed project includes developing and operating a limestone quarry in phases northwest of Havelock, NB. The quarry will produce high calcium limestone used for quicklime, pulverized limestone products, agricultural lime and aggregate. Approximately 300,000 tonnes of limestone will be produced per year for up to 20 years.   Kings Sheila Goucher Certificate of Determination Issued
2020/04/16 1540 Glencore Canada Corporation The Brunswick Smelter is a lead/silver smelter located in Belledune and owned by Glencore. The proposed project includes decommissioning of the smelter facility and associated infrastructure. The smelter facility includes the smelter area, a bulk handling facility (Materials Handling West) and the Fertilizer Plant.  Restigouche Sheila Goucher Determination review in progress  
2020/05/14 1541 Solargram Farm Facility The Proponent is proposing to construct two groundwater wells that would be used to irrigate a hemp crop in Renauds Mills, New Brunswick. Kent Shawn Hamilton Certificate of Determination Issued
2020/06/03 1542 Oakhill Homes Proposed Residential Development The proponent is proposing to develop a senior living 49 unit mini-home park on property (PID 60027364) off the Nevers Road in Waasis, NB. Sunbury Shawn Hamilton Determination review in progress  
2020/06/10 1543 KMMCF Cricket Farm

Annexe 1
The proponent is proposing to operate a cricket farm in two existing buildings situated on Lamèque Island. The crickets will be raised for animal and human consumption in the Atlantic Provinces. The products will be sold as live crickets or frozen.  Gloucester Shawn Hamilton Certificate of Determination Issued
2020/06/22 1544 Carter's Septic Tank Service Ltd. The proposed project includes the construction and operation of a septage pretreatment facility. The liquid effluent would be discharged to the City of Moncton's wastewater collection system and the solids disposed at an approved disposal facility. Westmorland Justin Chase Certificate of Determination Issued
2020/07/10 1545 Canneberges St-Charles Cranberries Inc
Phase 3 expansion (approximately 11.3 ha) of an existing peat harvesting and cranberry farm operation (peat extraction followed by cranberry bed construction and operation), Saint-Charles Station, New Brunswick. Kent Lee Swanson Certificate of Determination Issued
2020/07/10 1546 South Esk Miramichi Victory Living
The proponent is proposing to develop a 4-apartments building for seniors’ citizens on PID 40141418 Northumberland Patrick Mbaya Determination review in progress  
2020/07/22 1547 City of Fredericton The proponent is proposing to develop a new groundwater protection well in its existing Queen Square wellfield.
York Pierre Doucet Determination review in progress  
2020/08/20 1548 McAdam Wellfield Expansion Project The Village of McAdam is proposing to development of two new municipal production wells to obtain additional water supply capacity and provide operational redundancy. York Shawn Hamilton Certificate of Determination Issued
2020/10/08 1549 North Shore Micmac District Council
The project consists of eradicating a non-native species (smallmouth bass) from Miramichi Lake, Lake Brook, and a section of the Southwest Miramichi River using a treatment that has previously been approved for use in aquatic environments in Canada by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency under Health Canada. York Sheila Goucher Certificate of Determination Issued
1550 Saint-Gobain
The Closure Project will involve the decommissioning of existing infrastructure and equipment associated with the current and former operation of the McAdam Gypsum Wallboard Plant. The closure process is expected to occur over a period of four months followed by a care and maintenance as well as a monitoring period.
Brandon Love
Certificate of Determination Issued
Regional Service Commission 11
The proposed project involves increasing the maximum height of the municipal solid waste containment cells from the currently approved height of 59.0 metres to 88.0 metres. The height increase will only be in select areas in order to maintain a 4:1 slope of the covered landfill. 
Brandon Love
Certificate of Determination Issued
2020/12/03 1552 Kelly Cove Salmon Ltd. The proposed project involves the  decommission an existing well that has poor water quality and drill an additional well or wells  in order to continue it’s effective and efficient hatchery operations at the Penobsquis facility.
Kings Brandon Love Determination review in progress  
2020/12/11 1553 New Brunswick Power Corporation (NB Power) The Milltown Generating Station Decommissioning Project involves the decommissioning of a 3 megawatt hydroelectric generating station located on the St. Croix River and straddling the international border between St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada and Calais, Maine, United States of America. Charlotte Lee Swanson Certificate of Determination Issued
2020/12/18 1554 Town of Shediac The proponent is proposing to develop a new municipal production well and connect it to its existing drinking water distribution system.
Westmorland Pierre Doucet Certificate of Determination Issued