Government of New Brunswick


Our climate is changing, and it will continue to change in the coming decades. Individuals, businesses, communities, and government can work together to assess and manage the risks and opportunities of New Brunswick's changing climate. By taking action, we can adapt to the unavoidable impacts on our communities and ecosystems. Together, we can take action on climate change. This website provides information on how a changing climate affects New Brunswick and how we can adapt.

Hydrometric Trend Analysis (pdf)

This study was carried out to look at trends in flooding, ice breakup and other related observations at 13 hydrometric stations across New Brunswick. The data were examined to see if significant trends were present that could be related to changing climatic conditions.

Source: UNB Environment and Sustainable Development Research Centre
Year published: 2009
Format: Environmental Trust Fund project Executive Summary


Climate Change and the Science of Adaptation (pdf)  

A report focusing on "adaptation science", the science which is required to identify the consequences of climate change and potential adaptation responses. This report presents a list of the expected impacts of climatic change in New Brunswick (pdf), with the associated science, policy and planning implications.

Source: New Brunswick Department of Environment
Date: 2004
Format: Report