Government of New Brunswick

What are climate change indicators?

Indicators are measurements or records that tell us about the condition of something more complex. They can be followed over time to help us monitor and detect important changes.

Indicators of climate change help us determine how our climate is or is not changing. By examining historical records of climate, water and people indicators, we can assess how we might need to adjust our decisions, activities, and thinking to adapt to the changing climate.

Climate change indicators can be used to:

  • Monitor the effects from the changing climate;
  • Inform decision-makers who make policy and program decisions; and
  • Assist in evaluating the success of climate change adaptation efforts.

What can you do?

This website will benefit from more input from New Brunswickers.  If you are aware of records or information from New Brunswick that could enhance this website, we encourage you to contact the New Brunswick Department of Environment and Local Government.  This website has been made possible through the assistance of many partners.


What is happening in New Brunswick?

The changing climate has affected many aspects of our lives. Over the last hundred years in New Brunswick, we have been slightly affected in some cases, and considerably affected in others. Sometimes the changes have been for the better, but other times they were not.

The effects of climate change on the health and safety of  the people of New Brunswick and New Brunswick’s natural environment, communities, and economy are becoming more noticeable. New Brunswick weather is becoming warmer, extreme storms are becoming more common, season lengths are changing, and coastal areas are increasingly vulnerable to storm events. The climate is also becoming more variable. These changes can affect our food, recreational activities, infrastructure, ecosystems, and our jobs.

We can adapt to these changes by adjusting our decisions, activities and thinking. Making these adjustments will help minimize the adverse effects of the changing climate, and allow us to take advantage of any new and beneficial opportunities.


What can you do?

The changing climate is affecting many aspects of our lives in New Brunswick. We need to be more aware of how we’ve been affected to better understand how present and future changes might affect us. Together, we can take action to adapt to the changing climate  as well as do our part to manage the causes of climate change.