Government of New Brunswick
Sea Level


Indicator: Sea level in Saint John Harbour (centimetres)

What has been happening?

Over the last 100 years, the average sea level has increased by about 25 cm in Saint John. Sea levels are rising in New Brunswick for three reasons:

  1. melting terrestrial ice caps, ice sheets, and glaciers are adding extra water to the oceans; and
  2. much of the coastal Maritimes are sinking due to falling land levels.
  3. sea water is expanding as it heats up;


Why is it important?

Coastal areas are important to New Brunswickers. We build wharves, roads, and other infrastructure near coasts; we relax on our beaches; and most importantly, many people live and work in buildings along coastal areas. Rising sea levels coupled with extreme events can and have impacted much of our coastal infrastructure and activities.


What is predicted to happen?

Sea levels are expected to continue rising, which is likely to lead to increased coastal erosion. Coastal erosion affects the coastal tourism sector, waterfront property and infrastructure, access to critical services (e.g. roads) and coastal ecosystems.


Information source

Fisheries and Oceans Canada