Government of New Brunswick
Action on Climate Change is a Shared Responsibility

Climate change and its effects on the environment are a global issue. In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve our ability to adapt to and cope with unavoidable environmental changes, collective actions are necessary. The Province of New Brunswick is committed to doing its part in efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The New Brunswick Climate Change Action Plan is an important step to address the many broad and interrelated aspects of climate change in this province. It is an ambitious plan that outlines our collective vision for reducing provincial greenhouse gas emissions and managing our adaptation to climate change impacts through a series of targets and policy actions as well as engagement of stakeholders and the public. In these ways, this plan charts our path to sustainability in a changing climate.

The focus of the first year of implementation was on laying the foundations for meeting the goals of the climate change action plan. More results will be realized over the duration of the implementation of the plan. Several departments and partners share the responsibility of implementing the initiatives in the plan.