SAINTE-MARIE–SAINT-RAPHAËL (GNB) – The francophone sector of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development today launched the Allumez l’étincelle [light the spark] campaign at École L’Étincelle in Sainte-Marie–Saint-Raphaël.

The goal of the campaign is to educate families, community members, and various professionals about the role they can play in helping students explore career and life readiness plans, the first objective of the francophone 10-year education plan.

“Together, we can create schools that equip students to solve real problems, tackle real challenges, innovate in a constantly evolving world, and go on to great success,” said Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Dominic Cardy. “To achieve this, it is essential for students to develop a wide range of skills, and for us to connect with parents, employers, and the community in order to transform learning.”

The campaign’s vision is to make schools places where students are happy and motivated to learn as well as inclusive spaces where they can express their thoughts and feelings, tap into their talents, form their own opinions, and learn the value of teamwork.

Promoting community participation will also create learning opportunities for students outside the classroom, whether outdoors, at workplaces, or via technology.

“Education is the key to New Brunswick’s future and to our social fabric,” said Cardy. “We need to guide students so that they can start shaping their world and making it a better place today. We are already seeing these changes in some francophone classrooms and schools around the province. Students are increasingly being exposed to authentic situations and taking part in project-based learning.”

Additional information is available online [link in French] on the changes underway in francophone educational environments and on how families, communities, and professionals can contribute to lighting the spark in students to set them up for success in becoming engaged citizens, enjoying balanced lives, and fostering a desire for lifelong learning.