FREDERICTON (GNB) – Parents of children and youth with autism spectrum disorder in New Brunswick will soon have free access to the online training currently offered to preschool autism agencies and educational personnel.

‟Your government knows the importance of supporting families who have children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder,” said Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Brian Kenny. “The training parents will be able to access will allow them to better understand their child and the help they are receiving.”

The online training modules, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Behavioural Interventions, have been provided to preschool autism agencies and school personnel across the seven school districts for the past few years.

The modules will provide parents with an initial training in behavioural interventions and learning strategies for children with the disorder. The modules also give parents tools to better understand, question and participate in their child’s intervention program as well as equip them to better understand and support their child’s intervention or educational program. Research has demonstrated that parental involvement in their child’s intervention has a positive impact.

The training will be offered to parents or guardians of preschool children with autism this fall. Parents or guardians of school children with autism will have access to the version of the course that is provided to schools in 2019.

Parents of preschool children who receive interventions from a preschool autism agency will receive information from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development regarding the registration process later this month.

Parents who have a preschool child with autism who have chosen not to receive services from a preschool autism agency will also have access to the course. A registration form will be available on the department’s website from Sept. 4 to 14. The course will begin on Sept. 24.