MONCTON (GNB)The provincial government is investing $3.45 million to continue upgrades at Harrison Trimble High School as part of the 2018-19 capital budget.

“A strong education system is crucial to the future of New Brunswick’s economy,” said Finance Minister Cathy Rogers. “Investing in schools creates construction jobs and improves the education system.”

Rogers spoke on behalf of Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Brian Kenny as she toured the school today.

The current phase of the project includes interior renovations, including the creation of a new family studies and culinary space, construction of a new administrative area, and improvements to the music room and vocational area.

The school was built in 1961 and has more than 1,000 students. The project, which began in 2015, is expected to be completed this fall.

The 2018-19 capital budget includes investments of $105.8 million in schools.

The government’s 10-year education plans aim to improve educational outcomes and better prepare young people for the future. They set objectives in priority areas to create lifelong learners, support educational leaders and bring stability to the system.